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We are going to share some basic info to help you prepare a potential DIY dishwasher repair.

The control panel of your dishwashing machine might cast some fear on you. The buttons and layout can vary by unit, the modes offered seem different, etc. The truth is, while the control panel might appear different aesthetically, even that component can be repaired without expert assistance.

The problem is that you will need the right tools which includes a multimeter for diagnostics; if you're not well-equipped or confident in your ability to do the repair yourself, definitely hire a professional dishwasher repair technician instead.

That said, most common dishwasher repairs are pretty easy to handle. The majority of the parts are also accessible simply by opening up the front door panel. From here, you can troubleshoot or fix the door latch, float switch and much more. Also, the sprayers and drain filter are accessible without any disassembling required.

The manual that came with your dishwasher will have significant information that can help with your DIY repair. Reference it before diagnosing any problem. You can figure out exactly where parts are located, how to access them and how they all correlate. More importantly, the manual will give you instructions and wiring diagrams that are essential for troubleshooting with a multimeter.

You can use an online appliance parts search tool to find the specific part you need. Contact local stores to see if they have it in stock before ordering by mail. However, if you choose to work with a respectable dishwasher repair company - the cost of your replacement parts won't be marked up and the company will likely get a better-than-retail rate through their own provider.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

You must always be careful with what you put in your dishwasher. Not everything that is dishwasher safe will have a label saying so. This leaves many people using their own judgment when deciding what to wash in their dishwashing machine. Some items you might think are okay to put in, but are not, include: bras, shoes, hats and other pieces of clothing, brass, bronze or cast-iron cookware, keyboards and foil-wrapped fish. Sometimes it's just a matter of common sense; if you aren't sure if something is dishwasher safe, chances are it is not.


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