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Is your front loading washing machine making loud or funny noises?

If so, chances are you can narrow down the issue to being the result of a defect in one of a few different washer parts. We'll go over a list of the likely reasons and correlated parts that would explain your washing machine noise issues.

First off, the problem could be with your washers hub bearing. Does the noise exist in such a way that it sounds like the machine is overworking itself during its spin cycle? Is the inside tub wobbling around too much? If so, the tub bearing may be worn out and could need replaced.

Another possible cause could be a defect in the shock absorbers. This part is found in all front loading washers and helps to mitigate the noise produced from vibration during the psycho. However, loud banging noises might occur during spin cycles if the absorbers have become worn or damaged.

Additionally, three other parts that could be to blame for a loud noise from your washer include the drive motor, and water inlet valve.

An issue with the motor will likely be identified by listening for a buzzing or humming sound when the motor first turns on.

The drain pump might try to overwork itself and create excessive noise during the draining portion of your laundry load.

An overly loud noise while the washing machine fills up could be due to mineral deposit plugging up water inlet valve.

Regardless of which part is at fault, we recommend you get a professional diagnosis done. Your washer repair does not need to cost an arm and a leg, especially when you work with us - our diagnostics charge is dropped once you order a repair!

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What should you do if the hose that feeds water to your washing machine suddenly bursts? Under such circumstances, you have two priorities - kill power to anything nearby (from your breaker panel or fuse box) and mitigate the water overflow. However, you can also take preventative measures to prepare for potential flooding which can save your home thousands of dollars in damage. Simply, install a water shutoff system (tool-free, DIY job) to have better control if the problem recurs. Additionally, you can get a plastic pan that can sit underneath your washer to collect water from small leaks.


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