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Let's discuss some defrost related freezer issues for a moment.

The biggest, most problematic issue would be a freezer defrost drain that seizes to operate as it should. This problem typically surfaces because the drain freezes and, therefore, the water cannot drain out from the freezer when it runs a defrost cycle.

The drain strap could be to blame here. It's possible for this part to simply slip out of place, but most of the time it succumbs to wear and tear and needs to be replaced. This strap is an essential component in your freezer and must be kept in working order. If you notice this problem, get it fixed right away to prevent excessive wear on other parts of your freezer.

What if your freezer does defrost but you notice water leaking?

A leak mid-defrost is also an indicator of a defrost drain that's clogged or frozen over. If there is an obstruction or blockage in the defrost drain, the water won't drain out. Instead, it will back up and run out from beneath the appliance. Take boiling water and a turkey baster to inject hot water into the drain, which will melt any ice that's blocking it.

This freezer repair is a simple DIY fix. You will not need to call a freezer repair company to get the issue resolved. As long as you have a few tools, it will only take half an hour of your time to complete the repair on your own.

However, we recommend you also invest in a drain heater if you notice the issue keeps coming back. A heater will take responsibility for defrosting the drain itself, which ensures the defrost cycle will always work and will never result in a mess of water on your floor.

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What can cause a freezer to leak water? If the defrost cycle runs and a pool of water lands under the freezer, that means the drain is overflowing and leaking through the bottom of the machine. This issue typically occurs because there is ice stuck in the drain or the drain is completely covered with ice. It's a simple problem to fix. All you have to do is put hot or boiling water in the drain until all the ice melts. You can also buy a defrost heater so the problem doesn't keep coming back.


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