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Let's discuss a real serious problem.

Have you ever dealt with a 'cracked' stovetop? Even if you have not experienced this - information below might be valuable for you to read.

The surface is glass, right: Just like most glass, it can break pretty easy - imagine what happens if you drop a heavy old pot on it. The crack might appear marginal or drastic depending on the impact; with time, even little cracks can expand and lead to an entire cracked cooktop surface.

Unfortunately stovetop surface cracks are not like windshield cracks. You are not able to wait until it spreads almost all the way across to replace it. If you can tell it's a crack, not just a scratch, what does that mean? Well, if you can press down on both sides and see through at all - there's an opening where liquids can fall through.

The moment a liquid slips through the crack there's a risk of electric shock. Your stove suddenly becomes a serious safety hazard in your home. As such, any crack should be looked at an treated by an appliance repair technician as soon as it's noticed. Do not use your stove in the meantime while you wait for them to visit.

Does your cooktop surface need replaced? This part can get kind of pricey so you have to decide whether the replacement is worthwhile. For instance, if it's an older stove and worth only $200 in working condition as a used stove - clearly it makes more sense to replace the unit. However, if you just paid $2,000 and the crack was an accident months after bringing the unit home - clearly it makes more sense to pay for the repair, even if its costly.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Grease can get stuck on your stovetop burners. The proper cleaning method will vary depending on the type of stove you own. For instance, a flat surface stovetop can be cleaned with a specialty stovetop cleaner or a homemade solution like vinegar and baking soda. If the flat burner surface is actually burnt it can be cleaned with a razor blade but you must be very careful. It's recommended that you cover the blade with a thin piece of fabric first, most of the time the blade will still be sharp enough to get the burnt contents off the burner.


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