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What are the most common refrigerator repair jobs we take?

Broken icemakers, leaking underneath, irregular freezer temperatures, fridge compartment too cold; the list of issues that affect fridges is nearly never ending. From a repair standpoint, one must look at the symptom and then determine the common causes of it.

So, what causes a broken or defective icemaker? That issue could come down to ice blocking the water inlet tube, mineral deposit blockage of the saddler valve and much more. What causes leaking underneath? That annoyance might be the result of an unlevel fridge, a leak in the water inlet tube, natural condensation, sudden power outage and many other variables.

Continuing on: What might cause your freezer compartment to not hold a constant, cold temperature? Likely, the defrost system is running into issues. If the flip side is true and the fridge part is warm but the freezer is cold - chances are the evaporator fan motor needs to be replaced.

Diagnosing a refrigerator problem is not super difficult. The hard part is getting your hands dirty and troubleshooting at the internal level. A fridge is a glorified appliance, full of casing (panels) but it's really simple on the inside. Parts are spaced out (unlike, say, when you take apart a laptop) so it's easy to segregate the problem. From there, some logic and process of elimination based diagnostics will tell you almost exactly what the problem is and how to fix it.

Even so, no fridge repair is a guaranteed easy fix. Many people accidentally invest dozens of hours into trying to do the repair on their own. Remember, time is money and if you think you might hire out in the end you might as well bite the bullet now and save yourself the stress.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Should you keep an empty fridge plugged in when you're away from home? Many property owners do this when moving across country for work. Likewise, many summer / vacation homes have running power (so pipes don't freeze) and few owners think to unplug their appliances. The only thought that comes to mind is the extra electricity cost, right? Wrong: You are putting unnecessary stress on certain internal parts. The fan and motor will both work harder because, if it wasn't kept empty, the stored items would save the fridge some work.


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